Slavery in America

Modern America is a very different picture to that of its not so distant past. Namely every man, woman and child are free; protected by numerous laws amongst which give freedom of speech, freedom from torture and the enjoyment of adequate working conditions. Any adult can become a lawyer, doctor or soldier without being prevented on the grounds of race or creed.

At a time when slavery was accepted, even free African Americans were at a distinct disadvantage. They, like slaves, were segregated from white people, prevented from attending higher education, and not allowed to congregate in large numbers for fear of rebellion. They were not permitted to bear arms, forbidden from reading or writing and could not testify againt a white person in court.

Though slavery is now illegal worldwide, it is far from an issue in the past. According to figures published by the Global Slavery Index Report, it is estimated that there is a staggering 29.8 million people in slavery today, 72.14% of which are said to be in Asia.

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