Many abolitionists rose to notoriety in the 1800's; it was no longer just escaped slaves, free men and the majority of Quakers who became abolitionists, but educated white men and women, even those who had slave owning parents.

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John Brown - A radical abolitionist, John Brown was the instigator of the failed Harpers Ferry Raid and the Pottawatomie Massacre.

Levi Coffin - Known as 'The President of the Underground Railroad' Levi Coffin was said to have assisted thousands of slaves escape to Canada.

Ellen and William Craft - A married couple who hatched a flamboyant plan to escape slavery, the Crafts later toured England speaking out against slavery in America.

Frederick Douglass - An escaped slave who gained notoriety as an orator, Frederick Douglass was famed for his speech 'What to the slave is the fourth of July' and wrote numerous articles against slavery.

Thomas Garrett - Said to have assisted over two thousand slaves to freedom, Thomas Garrett used his house to shelter fugitive slaves en route to Canada.

William Lloyd Garrison - Publisher of the abolitionist newspaper The Liberator and fierce advocate for women's rights; William Lloyd Garrison was one of the most renowned abolitionists of the ninetenth century.

Angelina Grimke - Noted as being the only Southern white female abolitionist, Angelina Grimké;was a fierce opponent in slavery debates.
Wendell Phillips - Known for his speeches against enslavement, Wendell Phillips was also famed for his support of the women's rights movement.

Amy Post - Also a supporter of the women's rights movement, Amy Post used her house as  a stop on the Underground Railroad.

Gerrit Smith - Wealthy land owner Gerrit Smith donated land and funds to former slaves and was also benefactor of the failed Harpers Ferry Raid.

Sojourner Truth - The first African American woman to win a legal battle against a white man after her son was illegally sold, Sojourner Truth went on to give famous speeches such as 'Ain't I a Woman?' and supported gender and racial equality.

Harriet Tubman - As a conductor on the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman led thousands of slaves on foot to Canada and assisted The Union in liberating Southern slaves.

Theodore Weld - Known author and orator, Theodore Weld also trained and recruited others to the cause.

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